Press Release

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23 May 2018 VGI unveils the vision: 'Pioneering Solutions for Tomorrow' Strength to strength, reaching THB 10 billion within 3 years
17 May 2018 VGI and Kerry Express Join Forces To Extend Offline-to-Online (O2O) Integrated Solutions
12 March 2018 VGI pushes Rabbit to be e-Payment leader Synergy with AIS to expand online payment Targeting 10 million customers in 3 years
09 January 2018 VGI Expands Asean Footprint for OOH Ad
18 September 2017 VGI Group Joins Volunteers' Campaign to Make Sandalwood Flowers for Royal Funeral
12 July 2017 VGI Global Media Holds AGM
15 November 2016 VGI Introduces Strategy for OOH Media in 'Big Data' Era
10 November 2016 VGI Holds Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting No 2/2016
08 November 2016 VGI Global Media revealed how out-of-home (OOH) media has transformed themselves from awareness generator to engagement creator by collaborating with digital technology, and in the very near future OOH will become the targeted solution, offering right audience at the right time with measurable performances.
03 November 2016 VGI Shows 33% YoY Revenue Growth in 2Q 2016/17 Due to All Segments' Healthy Growths and MACO Revenues, Confident of reaching 40-50% Full-Year Growth Target
29 September 2016 VGI entered into the ASEAN market through its JV partnership with 3 Leading Advertising Players in Malaysia. Awarded 10-year contract to operate advertising concession at new MRT, Malaysia.
19 September 2016 VGI Cosponsors 'GIVE GREEN CBD SYNERGY POWER 2016' Activity
15 September 2016 VGI Joins 'MINDSHARE HUDDLE' Seminar to Study Multiscreen-Age Consumer Trends
23 August 2016 VGI announced the acquisition of Rabbit Business, propelling itself to become a 'Data-Centric Media Hypermarket' that aims to be an integrated media service provider and currently, the first and only company to provide an audience-targeted media service in Thailand
19 August 2016 VGI Shares Vision for OHM Media in Digital Age